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Bike rental

Bike rental Ypres, open every day from 7h30 till 19h30.

Bike rental Ypres is possible at hotel Ambrosia with great quality touringbikes. Ypres and the environment are perfect to cycle. The landscape is rather flat with some hills as well. However with the 24 gears you can overcome them easily. The entire area offers a decent cycle route network. Bike rental in Ypres is definetely one of the things to consider! There are some proposed cycling routes like the peaceroute and the Ypressalientroute.  Most used are the junctions. The routes are available at the hotel. All the routes start at 300m from the hotel.

All our bikes have an adjustable comfortable seat.  Every bike has a lock. The puncture protection tyres are durable and extra strong. There’s a suspension at the bikes for even more comfort. The frontlight offers 30 lux, which is great.

There’s free bicycle storage at the hotel for residents.

The bicyclerental is exclusively available for residents from hotel Ambrosia and our holidayhome Birdsonghouse.

Prices are:

– 9 euro for less than 2 hours

– 12 euro for less than than 4 hours

– or 15 euro for longer than 4 hours (within 1 day)

We also have 2 toddler child seat for rent at 6 euro/piece. It’s not suitable for childer older than 5 years. We don’t have bicycles for children to cycle around Ypres.

We wish you a lot of fun with cycling.

Warning: cycling can be addictive, improve health, reduce stress and raise your feeling of well being.

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